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Peer job referrals: Level-up
your hiring and recruiting strategy

Welcome to peercisely: Hire people, not keywords.

peercisely is a new cloud-based service that fixes how companies recruit new talent by marrying the most effective method of recruiting - personal referrals - with the most powerful source of knowledge and insights, the social network. Are you looking for a more effective hiring and recruiting strategy? Leverage the networks you already have with peer job referrals and peercisely. Hiring just got personal!

Good karma that keeps on going

At the center of peercisely is the peer referrer. Referrers tap into their own personal networks to refer friends and colleagues for amazing job opportunities they see posted on peercisely. Employers get qualified candidates, candidates get the job of their dreams and the referrer can earn money for charities they choose and earn cash bonuses for themselves.

peercisely network effect

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