Job posts + referrals:
the most powerful hiring method

Recruit employees with peercisely job listings. Our platform connects employers to qualified candidates by those who understand and know them best: their peers. Our algorithm and analytics weight referrals so employers can hire only the best candidates for each job listing.

Referrals work best

Job Posts on peercisely

Post a job opening for as little as one peercisely coin ($100 USD). Once posted, peer referrers will tap into their personal and professional networks to connect great candidates to your job. Referrers make recommendations based on all the qualities that make for a great hire: skills, sure—but also intangibles like personality, temperament, flexibility, and dedication. These are the qualities that don’t appear on a resume and may not come out during recruitment interviews.

peercisely job post

Promote your job listings

Increase visibility to your jobs by purchasing 2x, 3x, and 4x sort ranking promotions. Promotions multiply your job's relevance score and last for 30 days.

promote a peercisely job

Add collaborators easily

Want to add the hiring manager, other recruiters, or maybe some individual contributors as decision makers for a job post? Go for it! We make it simple. No licenses or fees required.

Add collaborators on peercisely

Incentivize job referrers

Throw some cash on a job to spike peer referral activity. Externalizing referral bonuses on peercisely will help fill jobs faster with qualified recruits.

compete for charity and cash

We have a plan for everyone

Ready to hire people, not keywords? Good call! Here's some pricing.
  • Standard Job Post
  • $100
  • Preview number of referrals
  • Preview number of comments
  • No job post minimums
  • No referral bonus minimums
  • Post Job
  • Uncovered Job Post
  • $
  • Full access to referrals
  • Full access to comments
  • No job post minimums
  • No referral bonus minimums
  • Post Job
  • Pay for Success
  • $
  • Post uncovered jobs for free
  • Pay only when you hire
  • Post 20+ jobs over 12-months
  • Jobs require $1000+ bonuses
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  • All-In Subscription
  • $
  • Monthly subscription
  • Post all of your jobs
  • Pay bonuses when you hire
  • Jobs require $300+ bonuses
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