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How does peercisely work?

It’s simple, and fun. Create a profile on peercisely and start referring your friends to jobs that match their interests and skills. Your job referrals earn you cash! Your job referrals also earn money for charities that you choose! The more you refer your friends, colleagues, and co-workers, the more cash you earn, for yourself and your charities!

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Employers love peer job referrals. That’s because candidates recommended by their peers, friends, or co-workers are more qualified than “cold” leads. Why? You know things about the person you’re recommending that don’t show up on a resume or come up in an interview. Qualities like personality, temperament, dedication, and passion, the type of qualities that make the difference between a good candidate and a great hire. That’s “precisely” why your referrals are valuable to recruiters!

Becoming a peercisely referrer is easy—and profitable

With peercisely, anyone can be a referrer. When you see a job posting on peercisely’s mobile app that fits someone in your network, leverage any social or professional channel to connect a peer to the job: Email, SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Google+, WhatsApp, SnapChat and more. Use any network you wish. If your referral is hired, you’ll receive a cash bonus of hundreds, even thousands of dollars!

Find the latest jobs | Earn points for making a job referral | Use any network to refer the perfect candidate | Convert points to money for your charities and earn cash bonuses

Your peers find their dream job. Employers find their perfect hires. You earn money for yourself and your charities. With peercisely, everyone wins!

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